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Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization, Inc.

ALM consortium member Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization, Inc. (SHPO) is a non-profit 501(c)(3) tax exempt charitable organization pushing to offer its housing and homeless support services on a much larger scale in order to put a big dent in the homeless crisis.  As their Consultant Project Management team, we are dedicated to assisting SHPO in this cause.  Please check out SHPO's video which sheds light on the state of homelessness today.


Since 2007, SHPO has housed and/or rehoused over 1,066 veterans and homeless families into low income affordable housing. In order to keep countless families from having nowhere to turn but the streets, SHPO as a homeless outreach and prevention agency needs funding to continue to create permanent housing, provide support services, and coordinate resources and services available in the community.


We have facilitated a venture between SHPO, builders and investors to renovate and maintain permanent, affordable and healthy housing for low-income Veterans, individuals and families. SHPO will serve the homeless and low income populations until they are self-sufficient citizens. Through our combined efforts, we can make a significant contribution towards alleviating homelessness.


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Volunteer Opportunities Available

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In-Kind Donations (non-monetary) Needed:
Clothes, Flat twin sheets, plastic utensils, Personal Hygiene Items: soap, wet wipes, wash cloths, towels, toothpaste, toothbrush, feminine hygiene items, etc.


Sconiers Homeless Preventive Organization, Inc.
126 Highway 138
Riverdale, Georgia 30274
United States
phone: 404-454-3554

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